Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer, Spiran Fragment, 2015, 3D printed full colour sandstone, 20x20x5cm

Grace Blake, I fear how similar we are & You found me, 2015, 3D image printed on metallic foil print, 60 x 203 cm

Peter Alwast, The Fall, 2015, UV cured ink on linen, 100 x 90 cm

Rachael Archibald, Pinking 1, 2015, Looped animation

Grant Stevens, Outlook, 2012, Lambda print, monitor mount system, 90x 200 x 50cm (Variable)

Finn Marchant, Untitled, ​2015, brightness enhancement film, steel, perspex

Ying Miao, App-Nosis, 2013-14, single-channel video, 6 min 9 sec

My Feet Would Hurt If They Still Existed brings together a selection of artists whose practices engage with the ways contemporary life is mediated by digital technologies. Taking it’s title from an abstracted version of the "I wish I was at home" meme, the show examines a range of ideas around the anxiety of the digital: from the construction and perception of real and virtual space, to navigating the integration of spirituality and technology. The artists featured operate in a wide range of material contexts and are at varying stages of their careers. The exhibition assembles works that offer alternative modes of understanding technologies that have have consolidated contemporary experience.



Finn Marchant, Grace Blake, Grant Stevens, Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer, Peter Alwast, Rachael Archibald, Ying Miao


Peter Alwast appears courtesy of Gallery9

Grant Stevens appears courtesy of Sullivan+Strumpf


Curated by Finn Marchant and Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer.