Flight Into The Unknown, Metro Arts, Brisbane, 2021


G-Shaman. 2021, Acrylic, 3D printed PLA plastic, drawing machine

 Remember You Must Die (Pleasure), 2021, Jacquard woven tapestry, silicon, pigment, metal

The Benevolent Goblin, 2021, Acrylic on linen

O! the magic! O! the sorrow when it dies, 2021, Silicon, pigment

Mistakes into Miracles, 2021, Acrylic, chalk, drawing machine

Goblins exist in the popular imagination as ugly, malevolent cretins, slobbering over the scraps of higher beings. Their history of mischievous, but ultimately benevolent, deeds is overlooked. They no longer offer jewel encrusted horns of magically refreshing water, but hide in packs, waiting to swarm and violate unsuspecting passers-by.


Lurking in the margins of our aesthetic traditions and cultural consciousness, goblins enact our worst impulses, our darkest desires.


There is a goblin in the machine