Boots, ‚Äč2014, Durational Performance


Documentation:  Jamieson Moore

Enduring Parallels brings together ten artists from across Australia to present an exhibition of performance art that will inhabit the spaces of The Lock-Up.


The artists have responded to the physicality of the site, a place where people were kept in detention, their liberty partially or completely restricted. They explore how restrictions on liberty extend beyond the physical, and touch an emotional, social, political, or economic state of being. Parallels with the past and present, infinity and the measurable, distance and time, value and immateriality, enduring love and memory, resonate in the performances.


Many works in the exhibition use repetition as a means to understand and create hiccups in normalised routine, breaking down ineffable knots into digestible segments. Time is another concept harnessed by the artists. Subjective and objective at once, the artists explore the parody of time in a world hailing immortality yet where the minutes get shorter and shorter. That time could be bridged, past, present and imminent, and caught in a single moment, is evoked further still.


Enduring Parallels is about tying the invisible to the being and shining a light on the point where one cycle ends and another begins.


Curated by Ineke Dane and Lottie Consalvo.


Participating artists: Jodie Whalen, Anastasia Klose, Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer, Todd McMillan & Sarah Mosca, Adam Geczy, Rowena Foong, Michaela Gleave, Lottie Consalvo, Jacobus Capone.