Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer


Work, 2014, Durational performance  | Situps, ​2013, 2 channel video

Work, 2014, Durational performance  | Situps, ​2013, 2 channel video

Life is Hard features the work of nine young artists that explore the idea of failure in contemporary life.


Originally part of a discursive collective that met regularly to discuss their work, each artist actively investigated this idea with a view to engaging failure by any means. Their work responds to the notion that failure is a prevalent subject in contemporary culture and an arresting concept that unites their approach to making. The exhibition, which is a curated outcome of this collaborative investigation, features performance, installation, video and photographic works that confront the ideas of personal humiliation, death, alienation and the frailty of language and memory.


Ben Chadbond, Lauren Commens, Marielle Dunaj, Megan Hayes, Caroline Garcia, Karina Glasby, Finn Marchant, Meilyn Michoux & Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer


Curated by Natalya Hughes and Todd McMillan